Ladies and Gents,

Currently the plans for 2nd edition are underway. My brain cannot shut off with the ideas streaming in. The campaign alone will be several books worth of material spanning the whole globe. It will be an amazing story and event the world of Naalrinnon has not seen.

But first things first.

I am creating a subscriber list of emails so I can stay in contact. My goal is to write a weekly newsletter to everyone and state what is going on. A progress report for the public at large. Many customers have received my emails from RPGnow and I am currently importing them as we speak. If you bought something from RPGnow, Drive Thru RPG or any One Book Shelf Affiliate, I will be adding you to the list.

My goal is 5000 subscribers before launch of the kickstarter. I need your help.

I want to smash all basic goals within 24 hours. Right now I would say 20,000 USD is the basic goal to release a 150+ page 8 1/2 x 11 hard copy book in mass print with each one costing around 50 for the hard copy and 35 for the soft copy. Full color book too.

The reason I want to smash this goal is so we can get into miniature creation and supplements. I have a lot of people from the industry willing to write and create for this series. But without audience support we cannot make anything.

Most of all I want to create something every gamer and fantasy reader will love. This world is special to me and I want you to feel the same when you read it.

Dragon Gods Rising. The first novel for New Gods of Mankind will come out by December. Editing is taking much longer than expected.

Take care guys and look for the email coming soon!

Your geek,

Richard Leon

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