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Greetings fellow gods, heroes and wanderers,


Writing for 2nd edition rules is on the way. Before we do the Kickstarter we want a playtest version of the rules ready and tested by a few.


I am super stoked to give you a few glimpses into the new ruleset. A few teasers you might say.


Complex tasks, LARGE DICE POOLS


I put this in caps as I wanted to emphasis this. Our plan is to use d4-d12 for all living, incarnate and worldly encounters. This will be done in large dice pools to reflect scale and size. The 1st edition used small dice pools to resolve military conflicts between two fighting factions. The idea here is to use large dice to reflect the increasing size and complexity of miracles. So if a miracle affects a village and will do multiple things (like bless the people, give them an extra skill and put a fog around the village) then you will add dice into the pool as needed.


The idea behind this is complex actions require multiple success checks. In 1st edition and Anointed: Mantle of the Gods we used a single number to complete a single task. The game master will create more complex tasks for gods to solve. This is a game about gods after all. We want players as gods to complete tasks mortal men could not do.


Leveling Up


Instead of simply gaining more followers and belief 2nd edition will incorporate elements of older games. We plan to introduce levels. Why? Because there will be varying degrees of power in this world. A level 1 god cannot hope to compete with a level 10 god. Right now the cap will be at 10. We might expand this further in the future.


How does one level up?


This will be a combination of several things. First your current reputation or status will be primary in this. Second will be your amount of followers. Third will be the amount of seasonal belief you gain. There will be yearly and seasonal belief gained. Also each legend complete will give you extra for your seasonal update.


You can still gain and lose belief and status from each and every conflict. This can affect your leveling.


Focus on Incarnation


We want players to be creative when they incarnate into the world. Several ideas for incarnating your god will be in the book. We will allow for custom incarnations as well. This way players do not have to have the same look or body each and every game. There will be limitations but this will allow more character creativity. We want gods to incarnate as beasts, mythical mashups, living trees or whatever suits your fancy.


More updates will be posted here. We will keep you informed when we are ready for playtest. If you want to playtest 2nd edition with your group email me bphophix@gmail.com

Also note! Dragon Gods Rising, The First Novel for New Gods of Mankind will be out December 2016. Just in time for Christmas! You can send me an email and preorder the book in digital or print!

Until next time.


Your introspective nerd,



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