Hey Gang,

Earlier this year on my old website I posted about not seeking to do another Kickstarter. I felt like the fan base was not there and I did not want to go through all that trouble for nothing.

Well I am about to go back on that.

Currently I am in talks to get the official license for Savage Worlds. Right now the Kickstarter will depend on if I get official backing.

If New Gods of Mankind becomes an official Savage Worlds product, I will do a proper Kickstarter.

What will change?

First off Gods will have to incarnate more in human form. I plan to allow for multiple human incarnations. At a much greater cost. Gods will be able to turn into heroes ranging from Novice to Legendary. For a HUGE cost in belief you can incarnate as a Legendary Hero.

Second, the complete list of Savage World rules will be used. Bennys and the traditional card deck will be used.

Third, instead of powers, a flexible Miracle Casting system will be implemented. I will stretch the domains up to ten and allow for 1 primary and 1 secondary domain. Within the domain there will be flexibility and help. You wont just cast a fireball, you will be able to turn into a fire wielding hero able to create walls of flame or turn the arms of your allies into flame blades. It will be up to the user on how they want to twist their domain and personalize it. This system will be streamlined with many rules being cut.

Fourth, belief will run your miracle casting and incarnation. In order to get it you have to do something belief worthy. Killing a foe in battle in front of your tribe; Defeat a Leviathan’s plan and saving the town; Turning the crops which are going bad into healthy plants. That will earn you belief along with a yearly feast. Players will need to be creative in order to churn the belief wheel and get the most out of their game.

Fifth, Level Ranks measured by your Mythic Status. Mythic status will determine how much belief you can get at a maximum along with how much belief you generate when you do something great.

Sixth, Technology and Skill ranks up. Your tribe will determine the types of skills your god knows. As the tribe grows and gains knowledge so does the god. So you need to rank up your tribe’s Technology. This can be done through quests and bringing in Elder Race merchants and skilled labor.

The biggest foes of humanity will be the Leviathans. A campaign called The SECOND WAR OF LEVIATHANS will kick off with a few solo adventures and a whole campaign map set in Kathonia. This will lead to a huge battle between the characters as they grow and the Leviathans who seek to destroy the world of Naalrinnon.

The supplement book, Salamanders of House Draax will be on hold till this is done. I will release it afterwards and allow players to play heroic Salamanders if they wish. Most of the focus will be towards the story campaign.

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