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Should PCs Act Responsible in a Fictional World?

When you escape into a game, should you escape all responsibilities as well?

Escapism is a HUGE part of our culture. Everyone wants to soar with the eagles, surf the volcanic moons of Jupiter, or dive deep into the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately our lives turn into moments of waiting in lines, going to work, and paying bills.

Being responsible.

When the gang gets together to “escape it all” on the weekend, be it for a round of Call of Duty or a night of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons (he said 4th edition!!!), do you throw down your sense of being responsible for anything, or anyone?

Heroic adventuring takes gamers into fantastic worlds. When you enter those worlds, another facet of your personality comes out.

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The Future of New Gods of Mankind

Hey Gang,

Earlier this year on my old website I posted about not seeking to do another Kickstarter. I felt like the fan base was not there and I did not want to go through all that trouble for nothing.

Well I am about to go back on that.

Currently I am in talks to get the official license for Savage Worlds. Right now the Kickstarter will depend on if I get official backing.

If New Gods of Mankind becomes an official Savage Worlds product, I will do a proper Kickstarter.

What will change?

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Lysandra Fights the Salamanders

Lysandra climbed the steep hill, pounding her feet into the dirt. Determination and anger gripped her visage, a countenance of holy wrath.
She could see the summit now, a circular tower made of gray stone, cushioned on a large red hill poking out of a yellow plain of grass, a huge stack of wood beside the structure. As the sun set, the tower caught rays of the fleeing sun, turning the tower and the dead bodies strewn around its base blood red. Lighting the timber was her goal, a signal fire ready to ignite and warn allies of her god, Morgis.
Scaly watchers protecting the signal tower spotted her black helm and midnight cloak marching up the hill like an oncoming black storm. The Four guards, salamander warriors, dressed in scout leathers, guarded the strategic point from anyone who would dare light the fire. The watching enemy moved to intercept her.
Lysandra, anointed champion of Morgis came to harvest them, for they were weeds choking life in her god’s realm.

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Plans for 2017


Hey everybody,

I figure now is a good time to chat about 2017 and what will happen next year. To be frank with all of you, I have some ideas on what will and will not happen next year.

New Gods of Mankind 2nd Edition Table-Top RPG is on hold until further notice.


The market is still too small for Table-top RPGs. There are so many mediocre products out there flooding the marketplace.  I do not feel a kick starter will be successful for a 2nd edition. Also several other companies have ripped off my idea and put out products close to mine, stealing my customer base.

If I see some positive traffic from my marketing efforts I will change my mind.

At one time several thousand people downloaded and loved this product. Now it is just sitting on someone’s hard drive. Some of it is my fault.I should not have hired people I did over the years. I learned a lot about the industry. I know it is filled with crooks as it is very hard to make any money in table top RPGs. See unlike others I actually pay my artist and writers.

I have a lot of love and admiration from the artist community and writers as well. As a boss.

As a fellow writer I think the jury is still out. I know my work is good. But do people have time to actually read my writing? No. Most people just skip it and move on. People already have select authors they love. It is hard to grab people’s attention when so many others do so. Maybe one day an idea, novel or game will stick.

I would love to join someone’s project. But it is also an insider industry filled with who knows who. I am not in the in crowd. I know I can produce quality writing in a proper format.

If you need me to work on a project with you email me bphophix@gmail.com

So what am I going to work on?

Novels based off of New Gods of Mankind.

I think this goes without saying. There is a huge story here that needs to be told. It is a great world with lots of unique ideas. I do not plan to abandon it. I plan to develop the whole series of novels into something great. January will see at least 5 to 10 chapters complete for the second novel.

Card Game Thirsty Patrons.

This is a project dedicated to a friend I met out in the desert. He is slowly degenerating because of a disease. I want to get this project done soon. For him and myself. I need this project to succeed before his illness overcomes him. This is a cool game about two or four patrons in a bar looking to get rid of their rival by Boasts, Insults, Seduction and Intimidation. Ego will be the main stat with Gold Coins being the second stat. People can play Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

Blogging about life and humanity.

I see a weekly blog of at least 1000 words. I plan to keep moving forward with my work on Niume.com I want to build up a good readership and improve my writing style. Expect more writing and I want to make sure my words hit home. I want, no I need to make a difference with all of you.

I might take up arms and get into table-top again. I just do not see any true success there. The top company still is WoTC with a few other companies eeking out an existence underneath. I do want to do what I love, but not just for creating it. I would like to make a profit as well.

(Artwork by G. Garcia for New Gods of Mankind 1st Edition)

See you guys in 2017!




Dragon Gods Rising Novel Out Now!


Explore an epic novel, a new fantasy saga of dragons, gods, and heroes.

Once this was a peaceful world, on the opposite side of the galaxy.

Now this is a world of elemental beings.

A place where Humans struggle, reborn anew by a mad god.

Undine sea gods war with each other in a bitter feud.

Gnome gods delve deep for rich minerals into the earth.

Fiery Dragon gods plot to take over the world.

This first book of Naalrinnon recounts events and

personas involved in the monumental Battle of Dragons!

Get this awesome book in paperback and save on LULU here!

Buy the book on iTunes here.

You can get the ebook also on Lulu here.

Amazon has this ebook here. 

The print version will be available other distributor sites in 6 to 8 weeks.

Barnes and Noble will have the book electronically along with Kobo and Apple iBook store very soon!

If you are a die hard Drive Thru RPG person, you can get the PDF file here.

Not sure what the book is about? Read more here.

Enjoy the novel and if you want to get the first three chapters free you can go to the links below.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

You can pay what you want and check out the prelude to Dragon Gods Rising on RPGnow.

Update 3 2nd Edition New Gods of Mankind

(Artwork by Joe Slucher)

Greetings fellow gods, heroes and wanderers,


Writing for 2nd edition rules is on the way. Before we do the Kickstarter we want a playtest version of the rules ready and tested by a few.


I am super stoked to give you a few glimpses into the new ruleset. A few teasers you might say.


Complex tasks, LARGE DICE POOLS


I put this in caps as I wanted to emphasis this. Our plan is to use d4-d12 for all living, incarnate and worldly encounters. This will be done in large dice pools to reflect scale and size. The 1st edition used small dice pools to resolve military conflicts between two fighting factions. The idea here is to use large dice to reflect the increasing size and complexity of miracles. So if a miracle affects a village and will do multiple things (like bless the people, give them an extra skill and put a fog around the village) then you will add dice into the pool as needed.


The idea behind this is complex actions require multiple success checks. In 1st edition and Anointed: Mantle of the Gods we used a single number to complete a single task. The game master will create more complex tasks for gods to solve. This is a game about gods after all. We want players as gods to complete tasks mortal men could not do.


Leveling Up


Instead of simply gaining more followers and belief 2nd edition will incorporate elements of older games. We plan to introduce levels. Why? Because there will be varying degrees of power in this world. A level 1 god cannot hope to compete with a level 10 god. Right now the cap will be at 10. We might expand this further in the future.


How does one level up?


This will be a combination of several things. First your current reputation or status will be primary in this. Second will be your amount of followers. Third will be the amount of seasonal belief you gain. There will be yearly and seasonal belief gained. Also each legend complete will give you extra for your seasonal update.


You can still gain and lose belief and status from each and every conflict. This can affect your leveling.


Focus on Incarnation


We want players to be creative when they incarnate into the world. Several ideas for incarnating your god will be in the book. We will allow for custom incarnations as well. This way players do not have to have the same look or body each and every game. There will be limitations but this will allow more character creativity. We want gods to incarnate as beasts, mythical mashups, living trees or whatever suits your fancy.


More updates will be posted here. We will keep you informed when we are ready for playtest. If you want to playtest 2nd edition with your group email me bphophix@gmail.com

Also note! Dragon Gods Rising, The First Novel for New Gods of Mankind will be out December 2016. Just in time for Christmas! You can send me an email and preorder the book in digital or print!

Until next time.


Your introspective nerd,



Spending All The Loot/ Gaining Responsibilities in Role-Playing Games

Responsibility is one of those nouns that sneaks up on you. Your character emerges victorious from the clutches of Amon Ra’s Tomb with a sacred gem. You sell said gem for a fortune. Now the bank gives you a promissory note. Or if you’re lucky, you get stacks upon stacks of gold coins.


Time to party.


Or is it?


Often we take on more goods and items during this time period. Fresh from a game we buy a shiny new set of armor. Or better yet, a small wizard’s tower complete with servants, cooks, and a stable with mules.


Artwork found here.

Notice the last part, servants, cooks, and a stable with mules.


You just gained all sorts of responsibilities.


Every career class, from Assassin to Rat Catcher, Paladin to Murder Hobos… they all buy stuff.


We spend countless hours finding the right weapons, making deals with the game master, and figuring out what gems should be invested where.


But little if any thought goes into the ‘boring’ part of the game. Taking care of what you gain. All those new responsibilities are there for your character to actually use for their benefit. Servants are great, especially if they are a 12 foot tall Minotaur you defeated in battle, but he needs food too.


One can argue that small stuff like this distracts from the main story. It bogs down the story into endless chattering about details which are not important to the fun.


I submit that one can turn this into part of the fun.


Imagine your wizard tower being under siege by a necromancer who wants revenge on the previous occupant. Unbeknown to you, the necromancer has plotted his revenge for years. You wondered why you got the tower for only a single chest of gold.


As the undead horde marches towards the tower where you and your companions rest in the dining hall, you wonder if all this is worth defending?


Artwork credit here.



Even the most vile, backstabbing, greasy, unkempt murder hobo will defend this newfound responsibility. Nobody likes an army of undead marching towards them.


This is where the game master (Dungeon Master for you D&D players) must take steps to incorporate fun into the new responsibilities players have.


Below are some ideas on how to incorporate loot responsibilites into your game.


  1. The Raid: Send orcs to ransack the players’ new keep. Have local authorities, paid off by a wealthy landowner who owned the dungeon the players plundered, seize back the property. Get the players to care about the new house/fortress/tower they purchased.
  2. The Quest: Develop empathy between your players and servants. Set up a scenario where a valued servant becomes ill and needs a rare cure from a far away land. A demonologist put a curse on the new treasure chest filled with gold and now you must find the demonologist to lift the curse.
  3. The Rival: All this newfound wealth has created new enemies for your players. Their elevated status has garnered notice from a wealthy politician. This person might attempt to befriend the party of players only to entrap them somewhere and eliminate a potential threat. Nothing threatens people of power more than others who also have power. Players with newfound wealth that spend it will eventually see someone pay attention.
  4. The Neglect: If players decide to buy a keep and staff it, but neglect it for a year or more will come back to several nasty surprises. The staff might think of themselves as the owners. Or possibly a disease has taken hold, killing everyone within a week. Now the players might contract it.


Everyone agrees that the number one rule is for players to enjoy the game. If murdering everything in sight without paying the consequences counts as fun for you, by all means enjoy yourself (as long as you are not doing this for real)!


Taking your game to another level involves creating responsibilities and consequences for actions. This is, after all, a simulation. Even if you own your own star ship, the game master and players should understand that some love and care is needed for the upkeep on those hard earned items.


More money, more problems, more opportunities to express your creativity. More chances to create a three dimensional game filled with passion and rewards.

2nd Edition New Gods of Mankind Update 1

Friends, gamers and fellow writers,


Plans for Second Edition are still under way. Blood drops for ink are being spilled for writing purposes. The play test rules are being summoned from the Abyss. Slowly ideas are coming to fruition. Let me break down what is going on exactly.


We seek $20,000 USD in a Kickstarter next year (Feb/ March). We will have several stretch goals and budgets in place.


So far:


Max written words for the Main Core Rulebook/ Primary Kickstarter Goal


Written Words 120,000 total. (6,500 cushion to work with)


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Naalrinnon (4,000 words)

Chapter 2: Collaborative Characters and Story Creation (10,000 words)

Chapter 3: Heroic Tasks, Tribal Skills and Godly Knowledge (10,000 words)

Chapter 4: Godly Gifts and Miracle Casting (5,000)

Chapter 5: Miracles of the 13 Prime Domains (10,000)

Chapter 6: Miracles of the 13 Secondary Domains (10,000)

Chapter 7: Heroic Powers and Individual Combat (7,500)

Chapter 8: Tribal Communities and Resources for Heroes and Gods (7,500)

Chapter 9: Trade and Equipment in Naalrinnon (7,500)

Chapter 10 Field Guide to Naalrinnon (12,000)

Chapter 11 The Spirit World Beyond Naalrinnon (5,000)

Chapter 12 The Path to Godhood (from Anointed hero to God) (2,500)

Chapter 13 A History of the Known World (7500)

Chapter 14 Nefarious Plots, Sinister Stories and Adventure(10,000)

Chapter 15 Appendices (5000)

Chapter 16 Index


Writing =$9,600 Total

Artwork = $7,300 Total

Layout = $1500 Total


$18,400 not including print costs.


We plan to use Drive Thru RPG for the printing. This should come out to $5 USD per book.


Now to the good stuff.


What has changed? Here is a timeline of over 500 years’ worth of events.


-10 Plague of Demons haunts the World


-5 Second Great War of Leviathans


The Great Seal of Fate starts time at 0. The Great Seal of Fate is applied, shutting out all future demons from escaping the Demon Planes. The Great Seal prevents any spirit (including god spirits) from entering the world unwanted. Leviathans and Demons now make war in the Celestial Gardens and the Veil of Dreams. Gods can only visit the world of Naalrinnon in physical form. Miracles can only be cast in the physical world by an incarnate god.


+ 25 The War of Dragons begins. Xenthi is destroyed with his religion banished. Thaminx is destroyed as well. The Salamander Empire along with the Dragon Gods are weakened. Decay and decadence spreads forth into each major Salamander City.

+ 100 The Golden Age of prosperity begins. Humanity flourishes.


+ 337 Second War of Raanon Begins. Draax and Salamanders fight against Morgis.


+ 343 Second War of Raanon Ends, Draax Marries Morgis. The child of Morgis and Draax, Vorsha lives. The first celebration of Vorsha takes place.


+ 465 The Chimera Empire is formed


+ 495 The purging of Rhok, Kudan eliminates the Gnomes from Raanon


+ 502 The continent of Raanon is conquered by the Chimera Empire.


+ 503 The Naalgrom Federation of Free City States is formed.


+ 519 Gnome City of Arador Destroyed by the Chimera Empire.


+535 A mysterious object lands in the ocean near Kukulcan, protruding from the waters, reaching towards the sky. (Where the campaign begins.)


Next letter will talk about changes in technology and what the environment is like.


Kill a god, become a god…

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