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Draax, Dragon God of the Boiling Seas

“We want to bring an order to this world. Something we have lacked. This order would be ruled by us. We will bring our values and our way of life to every place, every corner of this planet. Dragon values and Salamander ways. Our heaven, right here on Naalrinnon. The fittest will survive of each and every species. There will be no weak link.”

Dragon Gods Rising Chapter 1

Of all the dragon gods, Draax stands out as the most feared and cunning. Her ruthless desires and whimsical ambitions shake the world of Naalrinnon. No other goddess or god commands so much respect as her. Or as much contempt, hatred and envy.

As the dragon with dominion over water in all its aspects, Draax has the greatest difficulty of any of the salamander pantheon attracting worshipers. Many young mortals see her domain as a distasteful, if necessary, counterpart to life-giving fire. Nevertheless, her constant battle to maintain her precarious position and attract new followers has not soured Draax on mortals; her mercurial nature means that she has come to understand and appreciate them in a fashion rivaled only by Maathenos.

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Role-playing Humans in Naalrinnon

Role-playing Struggles of Humans

Humans live as the underdog in Naalrinnon, the setting for New Gods of Mankind. Reborn as as mad scheme by an undine god hell bent on revenge, mankind suffered in the first 50 years of walking again. Humans come from the original stock of human invaders who landed over 4000 years ago on Naalrinnon. Mixed with Undines, they resemble men and women on Earth from the Bronze Age. As a 600 year old species on Naalrinnon mankind faces many hardships and challenges. Role-playing a human in New Gods of Mankind stands different from other fantasy world.

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