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The Old Sylph On The Mountain

Artwork by Chris Malidore. Find his excellent work here.
Galt climbed the mountainside, inch by inch, tortured by heat and pain.
With his two daggers, Frostfang and Venomblade, he punched into the rock, one at a time. He tied a rope, twenty paces long to each dagger and threw it eighteen paces. Slowly he climbed the rope, a good white hemp rope made by folks down near the Crystal Lakes, hand over fist to the dagger lodged in the granite stone.
If one was to look at Galt’s progress up the mountainside, all you would see is three sacks, rope, and daggers.
Galt, blessed by his god of Shadows, was given three gifts. The first two gifts were the daggers, enchanted by his god, one made to freeze and the other to poison. His last gift gave him the ability to blend in to his surroundings. Galt looked much like the beige granite mountainside he was climbing. Even Galt’s shadow was blended in so no one would notice. He is the perfect hero for a god who loves death, dances in shadows and plays with snakes.
During the climb he thought about his god’s command: “Go find the old sylph, the one who lives in a cave near the top of Thumbstone Mountain.” Why would he go find a cranky old sylph? The old ones are unusually cunning, full of words and themselves. They smelled like musty old leather that needs to be oiled along with whatever strange weed they were smoking. And the teas, always strange, made of exotic compounds such as claw of harpy and eye of Lashon, with some mint for taste, of course. The older sylphs had desks, inks and parchment made of strange leathers and papers so they could write out whatever claptrap they knew. Gold and secrets, it was their stock and trade.

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American Gods Descends Upon our TV Screens

Geeks who love Neil Gaiman’s work get ready to celebrate!

The famous author of Sandman Comic Books along with Neverwhere and Stardust (both movies as well), brings us a treat with American Gods. This book, now a TV series received many awards including a Hugo Award in 2002, Nebula Award in 2003, Locus Award for Best Fantasy in 2002, The British Geffen Award in 2003, and the Bram Stoker Award in 2001.

Get the 10th Anniversary Edition of the novel here. 

American Gods takes place in modern america with characters who once lived as gods and the newly created gods coming into existence. Shadow, a convict who just got out of prison becomes entangled in a war between the old gods and the new. Mr. Wednesday leads the old gods (being a modern form of Odin) with the help of a leprechaun and Mr. Nancy. The Technical Boy leads a group of The Black Hats along with the intangibles and Media against the old gods.

War and chaos ensue as the book goes on between the old gods and the new. This TV show looks promising as Mr. Gaiman himself helped bring it to life.

Check out the trailer here.

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Making Antagonists and Villains

Creating memorable antagonists, be they heroes, events or villains, anchors your game or story with a personality. A foe in direct conflict with the players. Dungeons and bosses, storms and rivals vie for the chance to put an end to your player’s current state of livelihood. Often building an implementing such a fiendish creation requires much time and preparation. After creating a tavern and quest plot, this should be the main focus of any writer or game master. When you create an antagonist, you should keep in mind their looks, personality, motivations, ties to the players (direct or indirect) and flash. This applies not just to evil liches, but a paladin from a rival order, a dungeon keep belonging to a dead uncle or a huge blizzard filled with horrible creatures. 

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