Good question.

My goal with second edition New Gods of Mankind is to bring forth a more streamlined version of the game and a new setting.

Sounds simple right?

Not so.

Our goal is to make miracle casting easier and more intuitive. Instead of any primary domain under the sun, there will be 13 primary domains with miracles already pregenerated to cast. Secondary domains will be costly and very minor in scope. Also gods must appear in mortal form to cast miracles in the known world outside of their territory. The role of a new god will be more limited, yet defined. Tribes, even city tribes, still look to their gods as the world has such a unique relationship between god and man.

There will be two modes players can start off in, Hero and God mode. Heroes can ascend to godhood during play. Gods gain levels of power according to the amount of followers, belief generated, knowledge of their tribe and mythic status (a social status for gods).

The setting will be focused 500 years into the future of humanity on Naalrinnon. Mankind has harnessed the use of natural gas and steam. Steamships now sail the world from the major cities. Yet the amount of poor tribes outnumbers rich tribes 10 to 1. Starting off as a poor god or hero is all too common.

Two major powers seek to bring the whole world of Naalrinnon into conflict. The Chimera Empire based in Raanon is ran by three powerful gods, Morgis, the lion headed god, Draax, Dragon God of the Boiling Seas and their child, Vorsha, a hermaphroditic goat headed god of debauchery and drinking.

In the north, an alliance of several city states called the Naalgrom Federation including Hrace vowed to eliminate the presence of the Chimera empire by any means. Led by Baesop the forked bearded god of storms, this alliance includes Celundynn and the dying race of Undines, Methussa and Gnorr with the remaining Gnomes and Xethalchoate and several clans of Salamanders.

Strangely enough the sylphs are funding both parties and Lugos the Wind god of the sylphs is unusually quiet.

This will be known as the great war of man. The first world war to include humanity.


And it might be the last.


Look for it soon! Kickstarter coming 2017.


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