Role-playing Struggles of Humans

Humans live as the underdog in Naalrinnon, the setting for New Gods of Mankind. Reborn as as mad scheme by an undine god hell bent on revenge, mankind suffered in the first 50 years of walking again. Humans come from the original stock of human invaders who landed over 4000 years ago on Naalrinnon. Mixed with Undines, they resemble men and women on Earth from the Bronze Age. As a 600 year old species on Naalrinnon mankind faces many hardships and challenges. Role-playing a human in New Gods of Mankind stands different from other fantasy world.

Bronze Age Tools, Technology, and Weaponry

Humanity holds limited amounts of knowledge with only a few hundred years of existence. The average human either lives a primitive, ignorant lifestyle, owned as a slave or huddles with extended family in close knit tribes. The use of stone age equipment for basic tasks can be found everywhere. Yet due to the presence of the Elder Races, mankind swiftly learns new skills and technology.

Most tribes know the skills to mine and process copper and tin. The arts of war constantly evolved with each tribe adapting to new strategies and techniques. Additional technologies such as working iron, geometry, mathematics and architecture can be found and learned.

The elder species of Salamanders, Undines, Gnomes and Sylphs use skills and knowledge found in 18th century Enlightenment era of mankind. Several cities and towns use steam engines and natural gas for many  tasks.

Check out this example from Dragon Gods Rising here.

An acrid smell permeated the night air, causing the Wood Nymphs to cough. The smell of rotten eggs clung to everything. A fine dusting of black soot fell on the caravan. In the desert nothing moved, with only the noisy machine creating a whirlwind of clatter in everybody’s ear. A faint orange red glow colored the night sky coming from the north. As they moved closer, details emerged, eight large towers of flame rose into the night illuminating everything and everyone. Soon everyone could see as if it was daylight again.


Shha-narath came into view in the early hours of the morning. The eight columns of fire spouted constantly from eight highly ornate flame shaped, soot covered, bronze towers rising high into the air. A huge wall made of white speckled granite surrounded the city bathed in dark grime giving it a deep gray color. Dull bronze guard towers poked up at intervals along the wall. A great gate, made of iron, stood with several guards on top of the walls. Giant crossbow turrets sat on each side of the wall, with smaller crossbows in each Salamander guard’s arm. The caravan finally stopped at the closed gate. A desert brown scale Salamander with a dull black armor greeted them. A simple black helmet covered his entire face, leaving only a slit for his eyes. He wielded a giant halberd made of a black metal and red colored wood. The Salamander wore a simple black loin cloth with red runes on it. His gills flared up orange as he approached them.

Currently only a few human city states exist with only bronze age technology. Yet the hunt for more technology continues.

Distrusted among the Elder Races

Relationships between the elder races and mankind are lukewarm at best. Most salamanders find humans a combination of useful idiots and unrefined garbage. Gnomes treat humans similar to pets, tolerating them but ensuring they know their place. Undines sometimes will trade with humans but tolerate them for short periods. Sylphs see humanity as another opportunity to gain an upper hand on their competition be it each other or the other races.

Most of this stems from the fact elder races know humans come from the same stock of the invaders who came long ago. Every sylph, gnome, undine and salamander know the legend of Bphophix and how he tricked Plthunlos into recreating humanity.

Check out this excerpt from the prelude to Dragon Gods Rising:

Bphophix took over the giant shark form. He instantly transformed into the humanoid shape which stalked the ruins hours ago. The physical form of Plthunlos cradled the silver container and gently placed it in the center of the air bubble. He opened he jar. The sea god reached his trident upward to the ceiling. An electromagnetic storm developed within the air bubble. Electric currents shrieked around the small bubble. The container seeped out a strange pink mist. The mist covered the bones laid on the ground and reshaped themselves. Everyone watched as the bones formed into another object. The physical shape resembled the Undine form taken to fight on land, but something else happened. Strange black hairs formed on their heads and body. Instead of webbed toes and fingers, distinguished hands formed. The overall body did not accumulate much hair, in many places it was still pink with raw skin. Eyes looked with strange whites surrounding colored irises.

Within minutes, five males and five females, naked with different skin, eyes, and hair colors formed in the bubble next to the pit. But they still lied inert on the ocean floor within the temple.

Strange wisps of smoke came from the ceiling above. Each body filled up with the smoke as it seeped into nostrils and mouths, and saturated into the skin. Then all at once, eyes staring vacant blinked with life. Each one sat up and looked around.”

Bphophix using Plthunlos’ projective mind, reached out to the swirling thousands of Undines. “BEHOLD THIS CREATION FROM OUR BONES. THEY WILL BE CALLED HUMANS, AND REACH FORTH TO THE STARS!”

Blamed for War of Leviathans

A new reason comes to light as humans get the blame for starting the War of Leviathans. Human invaders waged war upon the World of Naalrinnon. The human souls trapped on this cursed island turned into the 13 Dark Souls of Kukulcan who raised up armies of demons feeding off of Terror from the other races.

Often packs of roaming possessed men, twisted in shape and form can be found across the world. They help Leviathans grow. Mankind often is its own worst enemy.

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