Currently the rough draft for Salamanders of House Draax sits on my desk. The aim for this book is to get players role-playing elder races in Naalrinnon. First up is Salamanders of House Draax. This goddess loves power and enjoys drama for the sake of it. Her children are no different. Draax holds the most power of all Dragon Gods. Her naval fleet chokes the world of Naalrinnon and her ambition knows no bounds. Players will come in contact with Salamanders of House Draax many times. This book is critical.

Role-playing Salamanders of House Draax

Roleplaying a SalamanderRole-Playing this elder race takes a bit of insight into their culture. Salamanders of House Draax allows for this to happen. All of the political and social structure of House Draax will be exposed along with each port given a brief description. The favor system will work for these guys and integrates into the Anointed: Mantle of the Gods rule system and New Gods of Mankind.

Fighting Salamanders of House Draax

Slavemaster of House Draax

“Time to serve House Draax!”

 Salamanders due to their fiery nature fight just about every species not willing to declare them masters. Their pride and superiority complex lends an air of rightful ruling over the other races especially humans and undines. Within this book, players can find every type of House Draax citizen including every type of Shimmering Fang Marine and stats for Wavepriests as well. Fighting Salamanders of House Draax should be key to any game set in Naalrinnon. Future rules for organizing large scale battles with Salamanders using New Gods of Mankind rules will be detailed in an Armies book.

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