Hey everybody,

I just want to pop in and share what I am working on for New Gods of Mankind. Rebuilding this website took a lot of time. Still some bugs running around. But I am heading in the right direction. I think all creatives face this struggle in making your own website and content. Money does not grow on trees and I am very, very lucky I am somewhat tech savvy and I can build a #WordPress site. So here is what I have in store for you folks.

Salamanders of House Draax: This will be done soon. I am pushing forward on edits. The book looks near completion and it will be a blast. Game Masters will finally have some proper bad guys and alternative species to role play in New Gods of Mankind. Lots of fleshing out of each port along with goods, services and the unique weapons and equipment will be in there. NEW POWERS will be featured as well. Its around 20,000 words and over 80 pages in 6×9 format. Easy on the eyes and bookmarked. More on Salamanders of House Draax and how to role-play them here.

Shipwrecked and Stranded: A new adventure made for Anointed: Mantle of the Gods. Imagine being stuck in a cell, captured by Salamanders of House Draax. Finally you taste freedom on a small island. But an evil Leviathan is loose as well on the island. Find a way to defeat the Leviathan or leave the island.

This is whats on the horizon right now. Afterwards plans for a New Gods of Mankind Ultra Edition will be executed on. Rules will be added to but the game stays the same. All of the artwork will come out except for a few pieces. Gods will be able to incarnate and use Anointed rules for battle. I will release this next and even publish a new type of character sheet. I want players to be able to go back and forth from each mode seamlessly and make/ expand their tribe and resources. Ultra Edition will take place right before the campaign, Second War of Leviathans.

Tome of Demons and Leviathans looms on the horizon as well. This book will detail how demons and leviathans work in this world. Players will be able to play possessed people and Leviathan Mechanics will be much more in depth. The distinction on morality and demons will be discussed. This book will kick off the Second War of Leviathans Campaign.

Its time this world gets expanded on. I plan to push forward and ensure people will love playing this game. No new kickstarters. I want people to come back to this game and play it. Because it is a great game and a fine alternative to a night of Dungeons and Dragons. Be a God! Lead your heroes! Let your tribe loose in war. Collect resources and grow. This game will let you take your people up and create cities. I am excited and you should be too.

My friend Darrell wrote a cool game called Ghost Punchers. Check it out here.

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