The Bloodfire Territories

The Bloodfire Territories adventure pack is meant for players and game masters wishing to play New Gods of Mankind without going through all of the hassle of making up a pantheon, creating maps, and setting up an adventure. For game masters looking to get new players into the game and have little time to prepare, this is the book for you. Please use and abuse this book. It is filled with ideas that hopefully spark some of your own.


Humanity has risen!

Several tribes of mankind, once enslaved, have escaped the clutches of the salamanders and their Dragon Gods. These tribes established several territories in the Plains of Lashon, called the Bloodfire Territories. This land is lush with resources and vegetation and can support the growth of men, yet it is filled with threats from terror making Leviathans, to packs of demons with their demon chiefs. This book is about the land, its new stewards and their gods.

The Bloodfire Territories is a starting pack for New Gods of Mankind Table-Top RPG.

The following is a list of what this adventure has to offer:

  • Six pre-generated gods and goddesses with fully detailed followers, territory and resources
  • Two full color maps of the Bloodfire Territories and the surrounding area
  • Token sheets for gods, followers, demons, temples, etc.
  • A starting adventure called Demonic Infestation
  • Two appendices with rules for Demons and Resources
  • Wandering encounter charts and plot hooks

This volume is one of several adventures in the campaign setting of the Plains of Lashon. Look for War on the Plains coming in the fall of 2011

Live the Legend, Become the Myth, Be a God

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