So a quick update,

Right now the budget looks like $20,000 USD for all of the writing, artwork, layout and printing costs. I had to trim some of the costs back.

We are looking at two initial levels of backing.

$20 dollar PDF level which will get you the 2nd Edition PDF along with the 1st Edition PDF of New God’s Handbook and Fate’s Guidebook FREE.

$50 dollar hard cover print edition level will get you the big enchilada in print on your doorstep along with the PDFs too!

We have several levels of stretch goals planned. Stretch goals we will tap in veteran writers known in the industry along with miniature companies and more books!

The novel Dragon Gods Rising will be out in December in PDF and print on Amazon and RPGnow.

Personally I am excited about the campaign now called Chimeras in the Storm. Set 500 years forward in a  Greek styled steampunk setting it establishes two major warring factions and unique styles.  Things have changed in the New Gods of Mankind realm. The Dragon Gods now war with each other. In fact two of the nine have been captured or killed.  Other elder gods have vanished or banished.

A dragon god marries a human god forging the Chimera empire with their son.

An alliance of remaining elder gods, human gods and wood nymphs have come together to stop their plans for world domination. But as it has been argued before, peace can only be known when all of your enemies are defeated.

Sides are drawn and the first World War of Naalrinnon with humans will be fought. Last time all of the elder gods fought the world was split into many pieces with the infamous World Splitter hammer of Gnorr.

A strange object lands in the ocean near the island of Kulkucan. Its origins otherworldly. Whispers of a new, foreign cult run throughout the land.

War has spread across the world. But who will benefit from this? Will mankind survive?

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