As noted in Defining the Raw Power of the Gods Chapter 4 Legends of Dark Power:


Two hundred years ago before the rein of Morgis the Sun God, Honoxia was a land of many gods and tribes. One of these tribes—named the Jannelites after their goddess of the stars and moon, Jannel—lived by the ocean in peace with Morgis and his many tribes. But this changed after the First Crusade.


The Crusades of Morgis was a way for this god of Honoxia to gain power in the name of securing national borders and unity of the people. Thousands of soldiers marched forth under the yellow banner of the sun god. The First Crusade consolidated the center and northern beaches of Honoxia under the rule of Morgis, enslaving many tribes and dethroning several gods.


Jannel was an exception as her path was a far darker one.


During this First Crusade Jannel sent many messengers to her rival god for a meeting. She sought diplomacy with this tyrannical god. No messenger returned.


The armies of Morgis marched forward to her villages. With spear and torch they burned, killed, raped, and pillaged everything in sight according to their god’s wishes. Salt was sown in the earth so nothing would grow there. Jannel tried to counter the armies’ advances. Every miracle cast was thrown aside by the mighty nimbuses of Morgis. Morgis himself marched with the army, protecting it every step of the way.


The goddess empowered her champions and sent them off to battle. Not one survived.


Women and children were captured and sent off into slavery. Every adult male was killed in the Jannelite tribe.


Jannel was furious! How could a god be so cold as to wipe out another tribe, let alone a human tribe, when there were so many enemies that were not human? In a last act of reprisal she gathered her Belief to cast a horrible miracle that would seal her fate. Seeing a discarded helm of a Morgis soldier, she summoned her powers and willingly bound herself inside the bronze helmet. With no followers and little Belief left, she turned to Terror to gain power. She became a Leviathan known in legend as The Reaver.


The day after the village was destroyed, the Reaver attacked.


The next morning, a soldier donning his helm lost his body, mind, and soul to this horrifying beast. After this transformation the Reaver strode around the encampment in a wide circle, stomping the ground with a furious beat. The army was frightened by the thunder; their voices magnified, causing even more fear within the ranks.


The Reaver grew in power.


Morgis came forth to see why his army was in fright. There he saw The Reaver, and recognized it for what it once was. The nimbuses protecting his army were destroyed, and his men died by the scores. This mighty Leviathan eviscerated every mortal in its path, leaving scattered remains.


So Morgis fought back.


With a powerful beam of light he struck out at the Reaver aiming for the chest. But the Reaver disappeared before the beam could hit.


Few survived that day, but those witnesses carried the story on.


Several days later the Reaver attacked again in a different place. The carnage was great. Morgis was slowly losing his army to the devastating attacks of The Reaver.


In a fit of rage Morgis flew to the village he destroyed only a few days prior. There he found the symbol of Jannel, a crescent moon with a star at its lower tip engraved on a bronze helm. Jannel’s tribe had knowledge of the forge and crafted many helms for Morgis’ people. From there he flew back to his men with a thought forming.


Incarnated as his powerful avatar, Morgis strode to his army, fully armed with spear and shield, his lion head attached to a human body. He spoke to his men, “Men of my own flesh and seed, it is time we stand up and cast aside this horrendous beast attacking our army as of late. I will tell you this Leviathan was once a goddess of this land, but she is no more. To fully banish her we must discard all armor and weapons made by her minions. Check your gear; look for her symbol—a crescent moon with a star at the bottom. If such a symbol exists on your gear cast it aside. Do not use such items or face my wrath!”


The following day no attacks were made by the Reaver. It was several years before another attack by the Reaver surfaced. This tale was passed down in many forms to all those who serve in the armies of Morgis. No soldier of Honoxia dares to go to war without checking his equipment for the dreaded symbol.

Written by Richard Leon for Legendary Artifacts. Artwork by Joe Slucher