Greetings gamers and readers,

Today I will be announcing a couple of new projects for New Gods of Mankind.

First off I am announcing the initial draft of Shadows of the Leviathans, Book 2 of the World of Naalrinnon Series. This story will introduce new characters, and bring back some old friends and gods. Several spirits escape from the island of Kukulcan. These spirits, once members of Bphophix’s mission to colonize the planet suffered greatly for many years. Unlike Bphophix, they went insane and now seek to spread terror and madness throughout the World of Naalrinnon. Can Bphophix and the Elder Gods stop this new threat?

Second, I will be filling in a HUGE gap in the New Gods of Mankind Table-top RPG. I will be putting together a Creature Compendium with rules for New Gods of Mankind and Anointed in there. A description, artwork and stat block will be given in each entry. This website will be the best place to find new stats for anything and everything. Heroes, Gods and Leviathan stats will be included here in their own section. Look for daily entries.

Today’s entry is Human Forager.


This is a new start for a new year. I would love to see a lot more comments and interaction. I need people who will help me rebuild so we can do a kick-starter. Look for many more entries.

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