The nassyx resembles a large panther with greenish brown fur, bat-like ears, a long neck, and two mouths. The first mouth is where it should be—at the bottom of its face—and filled with the teeth of a predator. The second mouth is half-hidden in the fur of its throat. This mouth has no teeth, but a complex system of muscles, tendons, and cartilage that play the parts of teeth, lips, and tongue. This mouth is not for eating, but for speaking.


Scholars debate if it is magic or nature that gives the nassyx its gifts. One thing they do agree on is the creature’s astounding ability to mimic any sounds that it hears. When hunting, it uses this ability to attract prey by producing mating calls or other calls suggesting that there are other prey creatures around and that it is safe. When hunting humans or elder races, the nassyx calls out random phrases that it has heard before, but with no understanding of their meaning. While it may attract prey by calling, “Hey, over here!” it’s just as likely to say something nonsensical, like, “I dug it as deep as I can.” Still, people are curious when they hear a strange voice talking to them, even if that voice isn’t making sense. Like most cats, the nassyx can see well in the dark, and prefers to hunt at night.


Nassyxes are commonly found in the forests and grasslands of Raanon, as well as the Lashon plains of Frinth. They are well known in the mist-shrouded woods of Gamath, where it is said they learn the names of all who travel there. Those who enter the woods hear a whispered litany of names…names they may recognize as those who have never returned from this dreaded wood.


Loners by nature, nassyxes only seek each other’s company once a year during mating season. Kittens are born in litters, and are hunting within a matter of days. Within a month, their mother has moved on, leaving the kittens to survive on their own. Most of them do.

NOTE: This creature has the power to Mimic which in game turn is a Power of d8. Roll Mind vs. Mimic’s power of d8 plus Mind of d4. Target fails, must investigate. Nassyx gets surprise* one round.


If one side of a combat takes another completely by surprise (such as in a perfectly-executed ambush), the characters on that side get one turn apiece before the ambushed party can react. (See the “Perception” section of Chapter 3: Tasks, for details on hiding and observing those who are hidden.)

Roll for initiative normally, but leave the surprised characters out of it. They don’t have initiative numbers, and take no turns, until the second round. At the beginning of the second round, the surprised combatants roll for initiative and take their places the initiative order.

Surprised combatants also get a -1 penalty to their Defense values. (They aren’t as good at defending themselves, since they don’t see the attack coming.)