Hi folks,

I just wanted to stop in and inform you we added two more entries to the growing Creature Compendium database.



The nassyx resembles a large panther with greenish brown fur, bat-like ears, a long neck, and two mouths. The first mouth is where it should be—at the bottom of its face—and filled with the teeth of a predator. The second mouth is half-hidden in the fur of its throat. This mouth has no teeth, but a complex system of muscles, tendons, and cartilage that play the parts of teeth, lips, and tongue. This mouth is not for eating, but for speaking.



These massive, six-legged creatures stand three times as tall as a man, and twice as long. Their long, shaggy hair ranges in color from light brown to solid black, though legend tells of an albino lashon born into every generation. The broad necks of the lashon are set low in their shoulders, both so they can easily reach the ground to feed and to support the enormous antlers protruding from either side of their wide head.

More entries to come!

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