Ancient and powerful, the gods of the elder races of the Known World sometimes seem as far above the new gods of humanity as those upstart gods are above their mortal worshipers. The most powerful of the Elder Gods have existed for millennia, molding and directing their race, and fighting countless wars that raged across the entire planet and killed unnumbered mortals.


For all their power, however, they are still fellow gods. Some of them visit the Celestial Gardens on a regular basis, eager to forge alliances and make trades, happy to deal with the new human deities when it will bring them some advantage. Many more will meet with new gods willing to cross the celestial spheres to their sanctums; the right combination of humility and compromise can win allies of enormous experience and power.


The Elder Gods are as diverse as they are powerful. Some are singular deities, guarding the sole rulership of their race with immense jealousy, while others are part of large pantheons. Some Elder Gods pay constant attention to the mortal realm, answering prayers and directing their faithful, while others rarely divert their attention from the celestial realm, leaving their followers to fend for themselves. Many of the pantheons have seen terrible conflicts between deities of the same race over the centuries, reflected for the most part in the mortal realm with wars that set brother against brother and scar a civilization for decades or more.


But more importantly than the undeniable threat they pose, more importantly than the opportunities and resources they could provide, the Elder Gods are palpable demonstrations of the power and influence that a deity—any deity—can aspire to. And rare indeed is the newly ascended god who does not hunger after the heights of power possessed by the most senior of his peers.