Dragon Gods Rising

The Mad Undine God, Plthunos, sends his favorite anointed human, Cyrex on a mission. Cyrex is to destroy cargo ships at the gray city of Jaash, belonging to The Mad God’s wife, Celundynn. He runs into trouble when he meets Illidara, a surly, beautiful and young Undine priestess.

Deep within the Celestial Gardens, Draax, Dragon Goddess of the Boiling Seas, plots to take over the world of Naalrinnon. In a bold move, she gathers her eternally warring family of nine Dragon Gods. Draax unites them with purpose: Destroy the Undine Species! Enslave the other races and take over!


The Lively Bones

Sean Shettfield is the 31st, and last child of a rival Sumerian god. He stands with the other remaining children of Siin: Cristoval Cola Lopez, and Princess Zahra of Sheba. Dragged into the conflict without consent, Sean fights to overcome his reluctance and assume the responsibilities of wielding so much power. Helped by three ex hunters, Mark, Henry, and Callie Mae, they seek to stop Namtaru before he can raise the Dominant One from its slumber.

Will humanity end?

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