Salamanders of House Draax

Salamanders of House Draax introduce this pugnacious and boisterous culture to the world of Naalrinnon. Within the pages of this book game masters and players will find.

Details on the cultural, religious and political structure of House Draax
Every Salamander Port with each district described
How to create a Salamander of House Draax Player Character

Add some unique villains to your next table-top role-playing game.

Lords of Westmoor

Welcome to Lords of Westmoor, a guide to the
most powerful people in the fantasy barony of
Westmoor. Each of these characters is fleshed out
with strengths, weaknesses, motivations, roleplaying
notes, and attitudes towards the other
characters. As Game Master, you’ll find in Westmoor a
fleshed-out network of NPCs to help create
and drive plots for your fantasy roleplaying
campaign. This guide is made for the Pathfinder Role-playing system.

Ghost Punchers Cookie Monsters

The uniformed girls come bearing goodies, but leave a trail of terror and
death in their wake. Can this neighborhood survive cookie season? Get this one sheet adventure made for Ghost Punchers.

Anointed: Mantle of the Gods

Anointed: Mantle of the Gods is a Table-Top, Pen and Paper Role-Playing Game made for casual, narrative storytelling with simple, easy-to-follow rules for miniatures. You will need a standard dice set from die 4 to die 12 (the die 20, 30 and 100 is saved for high powered miracles in the New Gods of Mankind Ruleset). 

This book serves as a heroes supplement to New Gods of Mankind. It can be played by itself.

Bloodfire Territories

Several tribes of mankind, once enslaved, have escaped the clutches of the salamanders and their Dragon Gods. These tribes established several territories in the Plains of Lashon, called the Bloodfire Territories. This land is lush with resources and vegetation and can support the growth of men, yet it is filled with threats from terror making Leviathans, to packs of demons with their demon chiefs. This book is about the land, its new stewards and their gods.

Legendary Artifacts

Before the age of man, the elder gods and their races created numerous items of power to strike blows at their enemies or protect what is theirs.

With Legendary Artifacts, new gods will be able to create their own weapons and items for their human tribes. Game Masters can find a myriad of possible plot hooks based off of the elder races and Leviathans’ creations. This book is also suited for any Game Master of any system who wishes to add a fantastical item of power to their game.

Celestial Gardens

Between the Known World of Mortals and the Celestial Spheres of the Gods lies a place where spirits come on their journey to the afterlife. The Celestial Gardens holds the spirits of all sorts of mortals from the elder races to the new humans when they first pass away.

The Celestial Gardens contains detailed information on this crossroads of the spirit realm of New Gods of Mankind. Also included in this book are:

Several new Non-Playing Characters

A complete adventure set in the Celestial Gardens

An appendix with expanded rules concerning the Art of Miracle Casting


Fate’s Guidebook

New Gods of Mankind: Fate’s Guidebook is an essential tool for the Game Master (called Fate in this game) to run a successful campaign of New Gods of Mankind. In here you will find:

The history of the gods and the Known World

The beasts of the Known World

the biographies of the Elder Gods

detailed information on Leviathans

a sample campaign

and much more!

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