Ghost Punchers

Welcome to a world much like our own, but a little darker, a little funnier,
and a whole lot more haunted.

Welcome to the world of Ghost Punchers! The supernatural table-top role-playing game about punching ghosts.

The life of a ghost puncher isn’t all angst and moping on rooftops in the rain. After all, these ghosts need to be punched. Those who punch them are making the world a better place, and there’s pride and pleasure to be had in that.

NGoM Basic Rules

Welcome to the N.G.o.M. (New Gods of Mankind) basic rule system. This book covers the rule system for Gods Tribes and Armies. The setting is Naalrinnon, a world in a separate galaxy. Humanity struggles, reborn on a world of elemental species in their own age of Enlightenment. This setting is Bronze Age for mankind with technology quickly used and adapted.

If you have another RPG system (such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or Savage Worlds) please feel free to use these rules on top of your game.

Anointed: Mantle of the Gods

Anointed: Mantle of the Gods is a Table-Top, Pen and Paper Role-Playing Game made for casual, narrative storytelling with simple, easy-to-follow rules for miniatures. You will need a standard dice set from die 4 to die 12 (the die 20, 30 and 100 is saved for high powered miracles in the New Gods of Mankind Ruleset). 

This book serves as a heroes supplement to New Gods of Mankind. It can be played by itself.

New God’s Handbook

New Gods of Mankind: New God’s Handbook 1st Edition is a core rulebook created for the player and the GM alike to get started in the world of gods.

Assume the roles of ancient warriors or magicians, spirits or even demons that have gathered followers to your cause, ascending to the Celestial Gardens and to godhood. Your very being personifies major and minor aspects of the world and mortal life: War, Death, Birth, or the Sun itself is yours to become. Create miracles, command your followers, and smite your enemies at your whim.

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