Leviathans Pack

Need a bad guy sure to make people quiver? Want a menace to society? Check out this great Leviathans pack. Inside you will find: Mist Leviathan, Undead Leviathan, Forest Giant, Doom Leviathan, Plague Leviathan, Jurelian Champion, Rage Leviathan, and Shadow Leviathan.

Elder Races Pack

In the world of Naalrinnon humanity is only 600 years old. Yet elder races existed long before it with thousands of years of culture and technology developed. In this pack you can get the following cardstock miniatures: Salamander Slaver, Salamander Warrior, Salamander Flamebringer, Salamander Painbringer, Nymph 1, Nymph 2, Dark Nymph Flayer, Dark Nymph Ripper, Nymph Archer, Undine 1, Undine 2, Demonic Sylph, Lore master Sylph, Sorcerer Sylph, Sylph Clan Leader, Gnome Wanderer, Gnome Son of the Mountain, Gnome Merchant of Death, Gnome Pathfinder, Gnome Tradesman

Wildmen and Creatures Pack

Villains to the left of me. Foes to the right of me. Many things exist in the world of Naalrinnon ready to devour you. This pack contains several. This file includes: Wildman, Rampaging Wildman, Possessed Wildman, Centaur, Possessed Centaur, Nassyxs, Kyphaw, Possessed Lashon, Wild Lashon, Enraged Lashon

Champion’s Pack

Anointed Heroes and Elite champions hold the line and prevent tribes from sliding into chaos and darkness. Get your champions right here. Including in this cardstock pack: Firewalker, Burning Priest, Ice Lancer, Frost Sculptor, Storm Priest, Thunder Hammer, Shadow Dancer, Dark Acolyte, Wild Ranger, Tree Shaper, Stone Fist, Earth Shaper, Heroine 1, Hero 1, Hero 2, Heroine 2, Champion, Lysandra

New Gods Minis Pack

Gods incarnate on Naalrinnon every day. Seeing the lord and savior of your tribe often becomes commonplace. Get this printable cardstock miniature pack and ensure your god is represented on the battlefield. This set includes, Fate, Goddess of Fire, God of Fire, Rival God of Fire, God of Ice, Rival God of Ice, Goddess of Ice, Goddess of Earth, God of Earth, Rival God of Earth, God of Forests, Rival God of Forests, Goddess of Forests, Goddess of Storms, God of Storms, Rival God of Storms, God of Shadows, Rival God of Shadows, Goddess of Shadows, YNNARETH-NGUALL


Human Warrior Minis

Rally your troops! Defend the Village!

Get your hands on some great Miniatures for your next Fantasy RPG. This set includes Fantasy Bronze Age Warriors which can be used in any fantasy setting. Get the following Miniatures with this set, Morgis Warrior, Morgis Scout, Blessed Spear, Spearman, Archer, Light Mounted Spearman, Flying Mounted Spearman, Heavy Mounted Spearman.

Villagers Mini Pack

Time to populate your village with our Cardstock miniature pack. These figure are 25mm scale and made by fine artists listed in the credits for art. Directions on how to make your own bases and glue them together can be found inside. The following miniatures are available in this pack, Woodman (male), Woodsman (female), Forager (female), Forager (male), Hunter, Mason, Trader, Warrior Priest, Healing Priest, Miner, Missionary Priest, Priestess.


Mini Sample Pack

It is with great pride and respects to the gaming community that Dark Skull Studios offers a sample of our Card-stock Miniature B series. Our B series miniatures are based on our New Gods of Mankind product line and will tie directly into our new tabletop role-playing game Anointed: Mantle of the Gods.

Check out 8 FREE card-stock miniatures for you to use in any game system. Spearman, Woodsman, Gnome Pathfinder, Wildman, Salamander, Centaur and Enraged Lashon come with this pack.

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