Explore an epic, new fantasy world of dragons, gods, and heroes.

In the same spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien, Ursula K. Leguin, C.S. Friedman, Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker a new author, Richard Leon spent eleven years creating a new world of fantasy and adventure.

Once this was a peaceful world, on the opposite side of the galaxy settled by human space explorers.

Now this is a world of elemental beings.

A world where humans struggle, reborn anew by a mad god into slavery.

Humanity survives a third generation of life under the yoke of the Mad Undine God, Plthunlos. Guided by the ancient explorer Bphophix, mankind struggles to stay hidden while serving as saboteurs and land scouts.

Bphophix, once the starship captain who settled on this planet, seeks an end to the torment humanity exists under in this strange new world of elemental beings and insane gods. His philosophies of the self-reliant man, not beholden to any government or god, clash directly with the minds every god and person living in this world.


The Mad Undine God, Plthunos, sends his favorite anointed human, Cyrex on a mission. Cyrex is to destroy cargo ships at the gray city of Jaash, belonging to The Mad God’s wife, Celundynn. He runs into trouble when he meets Illidara, a surly, beautiful and young Undine priestess.

undineCeludynn, the estranged wife of the Mad Undine God, seeks allies and council. With several enemies at her doorstep, she turns to the Gnome pantheon. Methussa, Goddess of Diamonds and her gnomish children greet her in the Celestial Gardens.

ngomcover_js_fDeep within the Celestial Gardens, Draax, Dragon Goddess of the Boiling Seas, plots to take over the world of Naalrinnon. In a bold move, she gathers her eternally warring family of nine Dragon Gods. Draax unites them with purpose: Destroy the Undine Species! Enslave the other races and take over!

Will the Dragon Gods Unification bring an end to what little freedoms the people of Naalrinnon have left?

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