“We want to bring an order to this world. Something we have lacked. This order would be ruled by us. We will bring our values and our way of life to every place, every corner of this planet. Dragon values and Salamander ways. Our heaven, right here on Naalrinnon. The fittest will survive of each and every species. There will be no weak link.”

Dragon Gods Rising Chapter 1

Of all the dragon gods, Draax stands out as the most feared and cunning. Her ruthless desires and whimsical ambitions shake the world of Naalrinnon. No other goddess or god commands so much respect as her. Or as much contempt, hatred and envy.

As the dragon with dominion over water in all its aspects, Draax has the greatest difficulty of any of the salamander pantheon attracting worshipers. Many young mortals see her domain as a distasteful, if necessary, counterpart to life-giving fire. Nevertheless, her constant battle to maintain her precarious position and attract new followers has not soured Draax on mortals; her mercurial nature means that she has come to understand and appreciate them in a fashion rivaled only by Maathenos.

While it is not uncommon for Draax to take on other forms when it so suits her, she is primarily portrayed in religious iconography as a large, sinuous dragon with shining aquamarine scales and a frond-like pattern to her frills. However, the Lady of Storms is one of the dragons most willing to change her appearance on a whim, whether to better reflect her mood or as part of a joke or trick, and as such can (and often does) take any form at all. She is also known for her wit and her sense of humor, a trait shared by few of her pantheon. These characteristics are often emulated by her worshipers, who cultivate both a facility with clever bon mots, and a love of incisive black humor.

Despite its idiosyncratic deity, the House of Draax enjoys significant mundane power thanks to their dominance of long-distance trade. Few others of their race are willing to brave the oceans, due to their dislike of water and cramped spaces, and the danger of drowning (their heavy bodies and short arms make salamanders badly adapted to swimming). With millennia of experience and their goddess’ dominion over wind and wave, House Draax is able to ship goods to far-off locations much more rapidly than by caravan. Over the centuries the House has assembled an impressively sized trade fleet. Hence many members of House Draax become merchants, and the House treasury groans with currency.

When it comes to the granting of prayers, Draax is as whimsical as any other part of her nature; sometimes important pleas of fervent believers in good standing go unanswered, while on other occasions frivolous requests by a mortal who has never even visited her temple are granted instantly. Her prophets tend to explain this away as her method of encouraging her faithful not to become too reliant or dependent on her.

After the War of Elementals, Draax plots to unite the Dragon Gods in an effort to seize power for herself. Find out more in Fate’s Guidebook.

For a brief moment, the Dragon Gods Unite in a spectacular fashion. With Draax in the lead, they take control of the Undine city of Jaash.

This does not last, but it highlights Draax and her strong personality traits.

Draax holds one rival as her arch enemy, Celundynn. Like Draax, Celundynn’s primary domain is water, specifically the shallow waters and ships. Many shipping lanes, water areas and territories are constantly contested between them. House Draax holds a policy of ‘kill first’ any undine merchant ship. Sea battles between followers of each goddess have raged for many eons with no end in sight.

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Cunning, strong, chaotic and filled with desire, Draax is a goddess no mortal or god wants to cross.

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