Escaped from the Well of Souls and forged in the Abyss, demons are souls who never inhabited a body in a world from birth to death. Instead, their thoughts, emotions, and personalities come from the dark regions of the Abyss called the Demon Planes. This hidden plane is where demons first come to hide from Fate and his Grapplers.

  • Origin: In the Demon Planes, demonic spirits wrestle with each other, learn basic survival instincts, and gain esoteric knowledge of the worlds in the universe. There are six greater demons that shall not be spoken of but have a great influence on each demon that makes it in the Demon Planes. The six who shall not be named have traits and titles that make them identifiable and are listed for reference when talking to demons:
  • The Holder of Many Tongues: Teaches languages to all of the demons. It also teaches truth, lies, insults, praise, subversion, and threats. This is probably the most powerful of the six.
  • Maker of Ruin: Shows demons how to use their demonic powers to cast miracles.
  • Hidden Serpent: Instructs demons on the arts of Shadowmelding, hiding, and finding the hidden.
  • Fear Maker: Show demons how to use any language to cause fear. Teaches Fear Whispers and what lies on the path to becoming a Leviathan.
  • Sower of Uncertainty: Teaches demons how to sow Doubt Whispers, the nature of what gods truly are, and how to become a god.
  • Vengeful Destroyer: Shows demons what Fate is doing and teaches them to hate Fate and the current setup where demons are outlaws.

It is said Fate is still trying to find the Demon Plane to destroy it, but is blocked by efforts from the Gods themselves for reasons unknown.

After their indoctrination, the demons make their way to the Celestial Gardens or the Known World (or another world).

  • Hierarchy and Motivations: Demons have a loose hierarchy that constantly changes according to which demons in a group are the most clever or powerful. Demons gain power in mind and strength every ten years, with the most powerful being the eldest or the most successful. Demons run in bands with chiefs in charge of what they do or say. Demons are an unruly lot, so the more powerful demon will use fear and sow mistrust among the others, and use trust to its advantage. Each time a demon band comes into a conflict, a Spirit roll of the band vs. the leader is made. If the leader succeeds, he can tell them what to do. If the leader fails, the demons do what they please. If the failure roll is a 1, the demons will disband and go their own ways.


Demons are motivated by power and chaos. They revel in the ability to do what they will and dislike their chiefs naturally. The promise of chaos motivates them along with the idea of more power. It is this inherent nature that leads Fate to outlaw them. Whoever indoctrinates these twisted souls makes sure their motivations only lead to this.


There are cases where demons do break away from the indoctrination and actually learn to care for mortals and society as a whole. Usually these lone demons rise up and help mortals against their kind. Some even become gods.

Demons are rogue spirits who slipped from the Well of Souls without traveling along one of the spirit streams to a terrestrial body. They are similar to other spirits, though they have a few important differences.


Fate wants demons returned to the Well by any means possible. The entity sends Grapplers to capture these spirits and return them to the Well and the cycle of death and rebirth. Only the strongest or most cunning demons escape.


Unlike common rogue spirits, demons can freely enter the Veil of Dreams, the Celestial Gardens, and the Known World. They usually hide among other spirits and the landscape, avoiding Grapplers and gods who hate their kind. Demons may eventually become gods or Leviathans.


Demons have the same capabilities and powers as normal spirits, except that they are strong enough to travel between the Known World and the Celestial Gardens—specifically, they are strong enough to break free from the Well of Souls and travel to the Known World. Demons are also fond of possessing unwilling creatures. After a certain amount of time in a possessed body, a demon may bring about a physical change to that mortal shell, enhancing it for its pleasures.