Hey folks,

Just a bit of news from the Science Fiction and Fantasy author Richard Leon about New Gods of Mankind, Anointed and what is happening.

First off, My blogging habits will change. I will be blogging daily starting next Sunday on this website. I have a ton of ideas to discuss and I want to get the word out. New Gods of Mankind is here to stay. It is an awesome world, original and filled with ideas to adventure in.

Secondly, I just bought the domain Thebookgods.com This will be a place to sell indie science fiction and fantasy role-playing games, books and accessories. This will grow organically with the needs of the community. If you want to put your book for sale on Thebookgods.com let me know @ bhophix@gmail.com

Third, Salamanders of House Draax will be released next month. I will work on a 2nd edition of New Gods of Mankind which will release by end of year. I also plan to publish the first adventure Shipwrecked and Stranded some time in April. The campaign 2nd War of Leviathans will kick off soon with the Terrors of Kathonia. 🙂 The first and second edition rules will be able to work with any adventure.

Look for daily updates starting next Sunday 26th of February. For now I will be rebuilding and creating.


Richard Leon

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