Over ten years ago I had an idea.

Inspired by literary giants, J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Michael Moorcock and Bernard Cornwell I decided to create something. A long term work in progress which has evolved over the years. This world is now the world of Naalrinnon. The setting is called New Gods of Mankind.

I desired to create a world with a specific focus on elemental beings. A world where humanity is the invader, but now stands to be its caretaker. Taking the four elements of Aristotle and creating a fantasy world was not easy. But with time and diligent effort it paid off.

This website is dedicated to past and present ideas for New Gods of Mankind. The old books will still be sold along with the first system. New Novels and the 2nd edition rules along with campaign will be here too.

Feel free to wander around and check out all the information. We will be updating this website weekly.

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Still clueless? Read this excerpt of the back cover blurb from the first book. It explains it all.

Live the Legend, Become the Myth, Be a God,

In the Celestial Spheres above the Known World you live among the immortals—a New God of Mankind worshipped by your followers. Here you may create your own heaven or hell, a place of solace or perhaps a kingdom of pain. From your heavenly abode, you may descend to the Known World or visit the unearthly Spirit Realm in the blink of an eye. Your power is only limited by your worshipers and the Belief you hold.

Mankind is a struggling race in its infancy, limited by Bronze Age technology and hindered by many rivals including terrible Leviathans, the Elder Races and their gods who are jealous of sharing their power, as well as the gods of rival tribes.  Humanity looks to you for protection from this hostile world. It is your task as a New God of Mankind to guide your people to a new way of life and a better afterlife.