Friends, gamers and fellow writers,


Plans for Second Edition are still under way. Blood drops for ink are being spilled for writing purposes. The play test rules are being summoned from the Abyss. Slowly ideas are coming to fruition. Let me break down what is going on exactly.


We seek $20,000 USD in a Kickstarter next year (Feb/ March). We will have several stretch goals and budgets in place.


So far:


Max written words for the Main Core Rulebook/ Primary Kickstarter Goal


Written Words 120,000 total. (6,500 cushion to work with)


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Naalrinnon (4,000 words)

Chapter 2: Collaborative Characters and Story Creation (10,000 words)

Chapter 3: Heroic Tasks, Tribal Skills and Godly Knowledge (10,000 words)

Chapter 4: Godly Gifts and Miracle Casting (5,000)

Chapter 5: Miracles of the 13 Prime Domains (10,000)

Chapter 6: Miracles of the 13 Secondary Domains (10,000)

Chapter 7: Heroic Powers and Individual Combat (7,500)

Chapter 8: Tribal Communities and Resources for Heroes and Gods (7,500)

Chapter 9: Trade and Equipment in Naalrinnon (7,500)

Chapter 10 Field Guide to Naalrinnon (12,000)

Chapter 11 The Spirit World Beyond Naalrinnon (5,000)

Chapter 12 The Path to Godhood (from Anointed hero to God) (2,500)

Chapter 13 A History of the Known World (7500)

Chapter 14 Nefarious Plots, Sinister Stories and Adventure(10,000)

Chapter 15 Appendices (5000)

Chapter 16 Index


Writing =$9,600 Total

Artwork = $7,300 Total

Layout = $1500 Total


$18,400 not including print costs.


We plan to use Drive Thru RPG for the printing. This should come out to $5 USD per book.


Now to the good stuff.


What has changed? Here is a timeline of over 500 years’ worth of events.


-10 Plague of Demons haunts the World


-5 Second Great War of Leviathans


The Great Seal of Fate starts time at 0. The Great Seal of Fate is applied, shutting out all future demons from escaping the Demon Planes. The Great Seal prevents any spirit (including god spirits) from entering the world unwanted. Leviathans and Demons now make war in the Celestial Gardens and the Veil of Dreams. Gods can only visit the world of Naalrinnon in physical form. Miracles can only be cast in the physical world by an incarnate god.


+ 25 The War of Dragons begins. Xenthi is destroyed with his religion banished. Thaminx is destroyed as well. The Salamander Empire along with the Dragon Gods are weakened. Decay and decadence spreads forth into each major Salamander City.

+ 100 The Golden Age of prosperity begins. Humanity flourishes.


+ 337 Second War of Raanon Begins. Draax and Salamanders fight against Morgis.


+ 343 Second War of Raanon Ends, Draax Marries Morgis. The child of Morgis and Draax, Vorsha lives. The first celebration of Vorsha takes place.


+ 465 The Chimera Empire is formed


+ 495 The purging of Rhok, Kudan eliminates the Gnomes from Raanon


+ 502 The continent of Raanon is conquered by the Chimera Empire.


+ 503 The Naalgrom Federation of Free City States is formed.


+ 519 Gnome City of Arador Destroyed by the Chimera Empire.


+535 A mysterious object lands in the ocean near Kukulcan, protruding from the waters, reaching towards the sky. (Where the campaign begins.)


Next letter will talk about changes in technology and what the environment is like.


Kill a god, become a god…

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