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Role-playing Humans in Naalrinnon

Role-playing Struggles of Humans

Humans live as the underdog in Naalrinnon, the setting for New Gods of Mankind. Reborn as as mad scheme by an undine god hell bent on revenge, mankind suffered in the first 50 years of walking again. Humans come from the original stock of human invaders who landed over 4000 years ago on Naalrinnon. Mixed with Undines, they resemble men and women on Earth from the Bronze Age. As a 600 year old species on Naalrinnon mankind faces many hardships and challenges. Role-playing a human in New Gods of Mankind stands different from other fantasy world.

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Role-Playing and Fighting Salamanders in New Gods of Mankind

Currently the rough draft for Salamanders of House Draax sits on my desk. The aim for this book is to get players role-playing elder races in Naalrinnon. First up is Salamanders of House Draax. This goddess loves power and enjoys drama for the sake of it. Her children are no different. Draax holds the most power of all Dragon Gods. Her naval fleet chokes the world of Naalrinnon and her ambition knows no bounds. Players will come in contact with Salamanders of House Draax many times. This book is critical.

Role-playing Salamanders of House Draax

Roleplaying a SalamanderRole-Playing this elder race takes a bit of insight into their culture. Salamanders of House Draax allows for this to happen. All of the political and social structure of House Draax will be exposed along with each port given a brief description. The favor system will work for these guys and integrates into the Anointed: Mantle of the Gods rule system and New Gods of Mankind.

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Table-Top Book Store and Role-Playing Game Blog

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to update everyone on what is going on with the website. Right now several items need to be completed before I can begin to finish up my books, Salamanders of House Draax and Shipwrecked and Stranded for Anointed: Mantle of the Gods and New Gods of Mankind.

First off, we will have a Table-Top Book Store called The Book Gods. This little store will be located here It will be up by end of March. We will only sell our latest books there. Science Fiction and Fantasy Table-Top Role-Playing games and literature will be sold there. We plan to stay focused on Science Fiction and Fantasy. Several other game makers will join the site as well later on. For now we will sell New Gods of Mankind books there.

Second we will focus more on the Blog on this website and a blog for The Book Gods. We want to emphasis Game Master Advise, book reviews, news from other game makers, authors and exciting updates. So many small companies look for a voice. So I will gather them up and make sure their voice is heard. We will ensure anyone selling a book will get good commission fees back. Contact me @ for more information.

We will be creating a final “clean” PDF called New Gods of Mankind Complete 1st Edition. Before we move towards a second edition we want to clean up and make a user friendly 1st edition. This will include minimal artwork, lots of bookmarks for referencing, tables you can yank out and use. Our goal is to make something easy for players to use. I personally dislike the older book layouts and will continue to use a cleaner, more user friendly format. Our goal is to get more people interested in this game again before we march towards 2nd edition.

We will do some videos soon of live sessions. Also look for audio books on Dragon Gods Rising. The second book Shadows of Leviathans will come to light soon.

Plans will go into execution for a world campaign involving the Second War of Leviathans. A campaign sourcebook called Darkness and Terror over Kathonia will see the light of day soon.

This campaign will work with 1st edition rules.

We will ensure this blog gets updates frequently. Its been hard looking for the right plug in. So far Squrrly has helped a lot but we are seeking more.

Until next time!

Building a Science Fiction and Fantasy Website

Hey folks,

Just a bit of news from the Science Fiction and Fantasy author Richard Leon about New Gods of Mankind, Anointed and what is happening.

First off, My blogging habits will change. I will be blogging daily starting next Sunday on this website. I have a ton of ideas to discuss and I want to get the word out. New Gods of Mankind is here to stay. It is an awesome world, original and filled with ideas to adventure in.

Secondly, I just bought the domain This will be a place to sell indie science fiction and fantasy role-playing games, books and accessories. This will grow organically with the needs of the community. If you want to put your book for sale on let me know @

Third, Salamanders of House Draax will be released next month. I will work on a 2nd edition of New Gods of Mankind which will release by end of year. I also plan to publish the first adventure Shipwrecked and Stranded some time in April. The campaign 2nd War of Leviathans will kick off soon with the Terrors of Kathonia. 🙂 The first and second edition rules will be able to work with any adventure.

Look for daily updates starting next Sunday 26th of February. For now I will be rebuilding and creating.


Richard Leon

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