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Plans for 2017


Hey everybody,

I figure now is a good time to chat about 2017 and what will happen next year. To be frank with all of you, I have some ideas on what will and will not happen next year.

New Gods of Mankind 2nd Edition Table-Top RPG is on hold until further notice.


The market is still too small for Table-top RPGs. There are so many mediocre products out there flooding the marketplace.  I do not feel a kick starter will be successful for a 2nd edition. Also several other companies have ripped off my idea and put out products close to mine, stealing my customer base.

If I see some positive traffic from my marketing efforts I will change my mind.

At one time several thousand people downloaded and loved this product. Now it is just sitting on someone’s hard drive. Some of it is my fault.I should not have hired people I did over the years. I learned a lot about the industry. I know it is filled with crooks as it is very hard to make any money in table top RPGs. See unlike others I actually pay my artist and writers.

I have a lot of love and admiration from the artist community and writers as well. As a boss.

As a fellow writer I think the jury is still out. I know my work is good. But do people have time to actually read my writing? No. Most people just skip it and move on. People already have select authors they love. It is hard to grab people’s attention when so many others do so. Maybe one day an idea, novel or game will stick.

I would love to join someone’s project. But it is also an insider industry filled with who knows who. I am not in the in crowd. I know I can produce quality writing in a proper format.

If you need me to work on a project with you email me

So what am I going to work on?

Novels based off of New Gods of Mankind.

I think this goes without saying. There is a huge story here that needs to be told. It is a great world with lots of unique ideas. I do not plan to abandon it. I plan to develop the whole series of novels into something great. January will see at least 5 to 10 chapters complete for the second novel.

Card Game Thirsty Patrons.

This is a project dedicated to a friend I met out in the desert. He is slowly degenerating because of a disease. I want to get this project done soon. For him and myself. I need this project to succeed before his illness overcomes him. This is a cool game about two or four patrons in a bar looking to get rid of their rival by Boasts, Insults, Seduction and Intimidation. Ego will be the main stat with Gold Coins being the second stat. People can play Humans, Elves and Dwarves.

Blogging about life and humanity.

I see a weekly blog of at least 1000 words. I plan to keep moving forward with my work on I want to build up a good readership and improve my writing style. Expect more writing and I want to make sure my words hit home. I want, no I need to make a difference with all of you.

I might take up arms and get into table-top again. I just do not see any true success there. The top company still is WoTC with a few other companies eeking out an existence underneath. I do want to do what I love, but not just for creating it. I would like to make a profit as well.

(Artwork by G. Garcia for New Gods of Mankind 1st Edition)

See you guys in 2017!




Dragon Gods Rising Novel Out Now!


Explore an epic novel, a new fantasy saga of dragons, gods, and heroes.

Once this was a peaceful world, on the opposite side of the galaxy.

Now this is a world of elemental beings.

A place where Humans struggle, reborn anew by a mad god.

Undine sea gods war with each other in a bitter feud.

Gnome gods delve deep for rich minerals into the earth.

Fiery Dragon gods plot to take over the world.

This first book of Naalrinnon recounts events and

personas involved in the monumental Battle of Dragons!

Get this awesome book in paperback and save on LULU here!

Buy the book on iTunes here.

You can get the ebook also on Lulu here.

Amazon has this ebook here. 

The print version will be available other distributor sites in 6 to 8 weeks.

Barnes and Noble will have the book electronically along with Kobo and Apple iBook store very soon!

If you are a die hard Drive Thru RPG person, you can get the PDF file here.

Not sure what the book is about? Read more here.

Enjoy the novel and if you want to get the first three chapters free you can go to the links below.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

You can pay what you want and check out the prelude to Dragon Gods Rising on RPGnow.

December 13th Website Updates


I added some new stuff to the website.

First I would like to note my personal blog which is growing on Niume. Check out the link on my website here.


I am available for speaking engagements for a fee. I would love to share my opinions that I blog about or my fantasy world. You can find out more information here on how to contact me.

Finally, I added in a post about another great character in Dragon Gods Rising, Celundynn Undine Goddess of Light and Shallow Waters. Her personality shines through in the new book coming out soon. Check out the new post here.

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