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2nd Edition New Gods of Mankind Update 1

Friends, gamers and fellow writers,


Plans for Second Edition are still under way. Blood drops for ink are being spilled for writing purposes. The play test rules are being summoned from the Abyss. Slowly ideas are coming to fruition. Let me break down what is going on exactly.


We seek $20,000 USD in a Kickstarter next year (Feb/ March). We will have several stretch goals and budgets in place.


So far:


Max written words for the Main Core Rulebook/ Primary Kickstarter Goal


Written Words 120,000 total. (6,500 cushion to work with)


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Naalrinnon (4,000 words)

Chapter 2: Collaborative Characters and Story Creation (10,000 words)

Chapter 3: Heroic Tasks, Tribal Skills and Godly Knowledge (10,000 words)

Chapter 4: Godly Gifts and Miracle Casting (5,000)

Chapter 5: Miracles of the 13 Prime Domains (10,000)

Chapter 6: Miracles of the 13 Secondary Domains (10,000)

Chapter 7: Heroic Powers and Individual Combat (7,500)

Chapter 8: Tribal Communities and Resources for Heroes and Gods (7,500)

Chapter 9: Trade and Equipment in Naalrinnon (7,500)

Chapter 10 Field Guide to Naalrinnon (12,000)

Chapter 11 The Spirit World Beyond Naalrinnon (5,000)

Chapter 12 The Path to Godhood (from Anointed hero to God) (2,500)

Chapter 13 A History of the Known World (7500)

Chapter 14 Nefarious Plots, Sinister Stories and Adventure(10,000)

Chapter 15 Appendices (5000)

Chapter 16 Index


Writing =$9,600 Total

Artwork = $7,300 Total

Layout = $1500 Total


$18,400 not including print costs.


We plan to use Drive Thru RPG for the printing. This should come out to $5 USD per book.


Now to the good stuff.


What has changed? Here is a timeline of over 500 years’ worth of events.


-10 Plague of Demons haunts the World


-5 Second Great War of Leviathans


The Great Seal of Fate starts time at 0. The Great Seal of Fate is applied, shutting out all future demons from escaping the Demon Planes. The Great Seal prevents any spirit (including god spirits) from entering the world unwanted. Leviathans and Demons now make war in the Celestial Gardens and the Veil of Dreams. Gods can only visit the world of Naalrinnon in physical form. Miracles can only be cast in the physical world by an incarnate god.


+ 25 The War of Dragons begins. Xenthi is destroyed with his religion banished. Thaminx is destroyed as well. The Salamander Empire along with the Dragon Gods are weakened. Decay and decadence spreads forth into each major Salamander City.

+ 100 The Golden Age of prosperity begins. Humanity flourishes.


+ 337 Second War of Raanon Begins. Draax and Salamanders fight against Morgis.


+ 343 Second War of Raanon Ends, Draax Marries Morgis. The child of Morgis and Draax, Vorsha lives. The first celebration of Vorsha takes place.


+ 465 The Chimera Empire is formed


+ 495 The purging of Rhok, Kudan eliminates the Gnomes from Raanon


+ 502 The continent of Raanon is conquered by the Chimera Empire.


+ 503 The Naalgrom Federation of Free City States is formed.


+ 519 Gnome City of Arador Destroyed by the Chimera Empire.


+535 A mysterious object lands in the ocean near Kukulcan, protruding from the waters, reaching towards the sky. (Where the campaign begins.)


Next letter will talk about changes in technology and what the environment is like.


Kill a god, become a god…

Sylphs added!

As we work towards 2nd edition, we added a post about sylphs. Written by Darrell Hardy and Illustrated by V Shane, it is an excellent article and you can find out more about them here.

Our first novel for this series, Dragon Gods Rising will feature sylphs and a visit to the Crater of Lugos.

2nd edition will feature sylphs as well. Players can play sylphs too.

Come check out the article here. 

Its All in the Family/ Depth and Empathy in Table Top RPGs

Artwork by Rich Longmore

Bros and Sisses/ Depth and Empathy in Role-Playing Games


Last week I spoke on Murder Hobos and Nurse Paladins. I also talked about having fun with responsible characters. About caring for your actions in a game.


Now I want to address the age old question. “Why should I care?”


Because others are counting on you. Your family cares. Your people need you.


And so you drudgingly do it, but it should be something joyous!


When we play Role-Playing Games (for those of you who do not play), the Game Master gets a whole lot of friends together with soda/beer, food, some dice, and minis. Around a table they create a story, player and game master. It is a collaborative story effort, and everyone is invested.


Or not.


I have personally witnessed, and I am sure several of you have seen, games go sideways. Players will start trying to kill each other. Friends won’t cooperate with their other friends. It turns into a horrible night of gaming. Usually it ends early enough to avoid ending friendships. But sometimes it can get so heated, some people will leave with bruised feelings and tattered relationships.


What happened?


A player or several players did not care about their action and ruined the fun for others. Often a player’s personal problems will surface within the game and wreak havoc on everyone else’s good time. It is the thinking of, “Because I suffered at home/work, my friends need to feel my pain/suffer too”. Often it is too late to avoid a wasted night of gaming.


An excellent way to mitigate the risk of such a situation happening is to bring empathy to the table.




  1. Creating a family of characters. Brothers and Sisters should be your travelling companions. Not everyone can be related. But having a half elf with the same father as a human paladin will create empathy in the party. It also brings some harmony to the table. Some very inspiring games have come about when creating a whole group of players related to each other.
  2. Belonging to the same organization Sometimes a holy order or nefarious cult can bring about the brotherhood people long for. It is natural to want to “belong” to something or someone. Getting the dwarf and elf to put aside their differences so they can summon the dark lord together is truly the product of belonging to the same cult. It is amazing how tribal people still are to this day.
  3. Hailing from the same town/tribe Having a similar background is a good way to build up empathy between characters. If you and the warlock both know how corrupt the local officials are in the same town you grew up in, it would give you a reason to bond.
  4. Having the same faith Sometimes it takes religion to bring people who normally would not dine with each other to the same location. It is amazing what similar beliefs can do for the adventuring party. It is a social glue.
  5. Enduring a similar fate/ punishment People who went to prison share an empathy, wary, yet resolved with each other. Knowing the person next to you served in the military gives you a reason to speak with her. It is often when we endure the harshness of life together that we create a social bond stronger than family.


Creating a family atmosphere, even in game, creates a social glue, enabling players who would not have sympathy to “get along”. Yes you can play a game where adventurers are hired at the local tavern to fight the necromancer. But it helps when you lay down a layer of depth and empathy for the players to use. It can mean the difference between a good night of gaming and a horrible way to end a friendship.


Next up I will talk about enjoying responsibility in gaming.


Until next time,



Plans continue for NGoM 2nd edition

So a quick update,

Right now the budget looks like $20,000 USD for all of the writing, artwork, layout and printing costs. I had to trim some of the costs back.

We are looking at two initial levels of backing.

$20 dollar PDF level which will get you the 2nd Edition PDF along with the 1st Edition PDF of New God’s Handbook and Fate’s Guidebook FREE.

$50 dollar hard cover print edition level will get you the big enchilada in print on your doorstep along with the PDFs too!

We have several levels of stretch goals planned. Stretch goals we will tap in veteran writers known in the industry along with miniature companies and more books!

The novel Dragon Gods Rising will be out in December in PDF and print on Amazon and RPGnow.

Personally I am excited about the campaign now called Chimeras in the Storm. Set 500 years forward in a  Greek styled steampunk setting it establishes two major warring factions and unique styles.  Things have changed in the New Gods of Mankind realm. The Dragon Gods now war with each other. In fact two of the nine have been captured or killed.  Other elder gods have vanished or banished.

A dragon god marries a human god forging the Chimera empire with their son.

An alliance of remaining elder gods, human gods and wood nymphs have come together to stop their plans for world domination. But as it has been argued before, peace can only be known when all of your enemies are defeated.

Sides are drawn and the first World War of Naalrinnon with humans will be fought. Last time all of the elder gods fought the world was split into many pieces with the infamous World Splitter hammer of Gnorr.

A strange object lands in the ocean near the island of Kulkucan. Its origins otherworldly. Whispers of a new, foreign cult run throughout the land.

War has spread across the world. But who will benefit from this? Will mankind survive?

Murder Hobos vs Nurse Paladins/ Responsibility in Playing Characters

When you escape into a game, should you escape all responsibilities as well?


Escapism is a HUGE part of our culture. Everyone wants to soar with the eagles, surf the volcanic moons of Jupiter, or dive deep into the bottom of the ocean. Unfortunately our lives turn into moments of waiting in lines, going to work, and paying bills.


Being responsible.


When the gang gets together to “escape it all” on the weekend, be it for a round of Call of Duty or a night of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons (he said 4th edition!!!), do you throw down your sense of being responsible for anything, or anyone?


Heroic adventuring takes gamers into fantastic worlds. When you enter those worlds, another facet of your personality comes out.


Maybe it is good to say “screw it, I just want gold and blood.”


But is appealing to our base instincts, even in game, good?


I challenge the notion that you can have fun — but only when you have no responsibilities.


Our ego driven culture is self-absorbed with what we can do to please ourselves. Our daily lives are a drive to further separate our personal universe, our reality, from others. We wonder why there is no sense of community. Why intolerance runs rampant in our Facebook feeds. The silly arguments and counter arguments over who is right, this justifies who I am, why are they acting like that… It is a show. Divide and conquer. Our society may have better methods of communication, but we are divided more than before.


I wont say being a level 16 murder hobo slaughtering orcs and robbing the dead is not fun. But…


What if you made an epic challenge and deal? To wrestle the orc leader, with winner banishing their people from the land forever?


Conflict is what drives our games. It brings us to the table as we look forward to finding out what happened down in the crystal caverns. But creating stories in which people care about the outcome of the conflict SHOULD be a priority for any GM.


Responsibility in game can and should be part of the fun. It is why I made New Gods of Mankind. Being responsible for a whole tribe and territory can be just as much fun as a SIMS game.


Creating a whole gang of Nurse Paladins is not the goal of this article. My goal is to make you think about the game you are running. Even though the game manufacturer set up your next dungeon bash, it is you the Game Master, and you the Player, who bring the performance to life.


Why not throw a bit of responsibility into the mix. Get your players to care about the team of mules pulling all that gold.


I am not so prudish as to think survival of a tomb of horrors cannot be any fun. Or that violence in gaming is destroying our society. What I am asking is for players to care about their actions. Just a small bit. Even chaotic evil Warlocks have pets from the demon planes they care about.


How do you bring about empathy and compassion in your next game? That is a subject for another article.


Until next time,



Miracle Casting/ Primary and Secondary Domains for 2nd Edition

This new edition of New Gods of Mankind will streamline miracle casting. Due to the complexity of 1st edition miracle casting, this will get players to focus on playing the character and developing strategy, not just casting miracles to stay within the rules.

2nd Edition of New Gods of Mankind will be more focused and geared towards miracles already written. 1st edition emphasized players creating their own miracles. You will have that option in 2nd Edition, but it will require a game master’s approval.  We want to develop more books based on domain miracle casting.

The four types of miracle casting, Creation/ Destruction/ Transformation and Control go away. You may only cast Creation or Transformation. Control miracles go away as more objects and beings gain autonomy. Unless something is willing miracles can be resisted. Destruction falls under Creation style miracles.

The following is a list of Primary and Secondary Domains. I want to hear from you if you think a domain should/ must be added or subtracted. Comment below or send an email to

13 Primary Domains


Creation Miracles Cost the full die value

Transformation Miracles Costs ½ of the full die value to cast
















13 Secondary Domains


Creation Miracles Cost double the full die value.

Transformation Miracles Cost the full die value to cast







The Seasons









Other domains


Creation Miracles Cost 6 times the Die Value to Cast

Transformation Miracles Cost 4 times the full die value.

Demons added

Inserted a section about demons and their nature. Demons

More will be added as time goes on.

Celestial Gardens Added

Added some material about the Celestial Gardens 

More information as time rolls on.

If you want the whole book on The Celestial Gardens order it here on Amazon. Or Drive Thru RPG


So how will 2nd Edition NGoM be different?


Good question.

My goal with second edition New Gods of Mankind is to bring forth a more streamlined version of the game and a new setting.

Sounds simple right?

Not so.

Our goal is to make miracle casting easier and more intuitive. Instead of any primary domain under the sun, there will be 13 primary domains with miracles already pregenerated to cast. Secondary domains will be costly and very minor in scope. Also gods must appear in mortal form to cast miracles in the known world outside of their territory. The role of a new god will be more limited, yet defined. Tribes, even city tribes, still look to their gods as the world has such a unique relationship between god and man.

There will be two modes players can start off in, Hero and God mode. Heroes can ascend to godhood during play. Gods gain levels of power according to the amount of followers, belief generated, knowledge of their tribe and mythic status (a social status for gods).

The setting will be focused 500 years into the future of humanity on Naalrinnon. Mankind has harnessed the use of natural gas and steam. Steamships now sail the world from the major cities. Yet the amount of poor tribes outnumbers rich tribes 10 to 1. Starting off as a poor god or hero is all too common.

Two major powers seek to bring the whole world of Naalrinnon into conflict. The Chimera Empire based in Raanon is ran by three powerful gods, Morgis, the lion headed god, Draax, Dragon God of the Boiling Seas and their child, Vorsha, a hermaphroditic goat headed god of debauchery and drinking.

In the north, an alliance of several city states called the Naalgrom Federation including Hrace vowed to eliminate the presence of the Chimera empire by any means. Led by Baesop the forked bearded god of storms, this alliance includes Celundynn and the dying race of Undines, Methussa and Gnorr with the remaining Gnomes and Xethalchoate and several clans of Salamanders.

Strangely enough the sylphs are funding both parties and Lugos the Wind god of the sylphs is unusually quiet.

This will be known as the great war of man. The first world war to include humanity.


And it might be the last.


Look for it soon! Kickstarter coming 2017.


Working on a mailing list

Ladies and Gents,

Currently the plans for 2nd edition are underway. My brain cannot shut off with the ideas streaming in. The campaign alone will be several books worth of material spanning the whole globe. It will be an amazing story and event the world of Naalrinnon has not seen.

But first things first.

I am creating a subscriber list of emails so I can stay in contact. My goal is to write a weekly newsletter to everyone and state what is going on. A progress report for the public at large. Many customers have received my emails from RPGnow and I am currently importing them as we speak. If you bought something from RPGnow, Drive Thru RPG or any One Book Shelf Affiliate, I will be adding you to the list.

My goal is 5000 subscribers before launch of the kickstarter. I need your help.

I want to smash all basic goals within 24 hours. Right now I would say 20,000 USD is the basic goal to release a 150+ page 8 1/2 x 11 hard copy book in mass print with each one costing around 50 for the hard copy and 35 for the soft copy. Full color book too.

The reason I want to smash this goal is so we can get into miniature creation and supplements. I have a lot of people from the industry willing to write and create for this series. But without audience support we cannot make anything.

Most of all I want to create something every gamer and fantasy reader will love. This world is special to me and I want you to feel the same when you read it.

Dragon Gods Rising. The first novel for New Gods of Mankind will come out by December. Editing is taking much longer than expected.

Take care guys and look for the email coming soon!

Your geek,

Richard Leon

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